Shoes In Black Faux Leather

In this day and age, we are becoming more aware of what exactly goes into our fashion and footwear choices. Over the years there have been a variety of alternatives to leather shoes produced for the vegetarian and vegan market including vegan microfiber which is similar to suede in appearance and pleather, Naugahyde, Durabuck, NuSuede, Hydrolite, all of which are synthetic.
AHIMSA was founded in 2013 by Gabriel Silva, a long-time vegan, who set himself the goal of producing high-quality vegan shoes that at the same time satisfied his own high ethical standards, and it's fair to say that he was very successful in reaching his goal.

And just like finding that perfect anything else, finding your wonderful new cruelty-free boots will involve trying some on. If you're new to vegan boots, this may involve seeking out trusted familiar brand names, but new models that the old store down the street didn't carry.
This makes it easier to clean by using a mild detergent or just by wiping it with a damp cloth, however it also means that conditioning products can't penetrate it to stop it from drying up and cracking, which can happen if the fake leather is in the sun a lot and also if it's a particularly poor quality material.

What's more however, clothing is a great opportunity to go that extra mile and really embrace the lifestyle of the person you're gifting to. Nowadays, many companies specialise in 'vegan footwear' - shoes that have been manufactured to strict regulations so that none of the materials or processes harm or involve animal life in any way.
Moreover, the majority of people are not hunting an animal in the world to do this, they are paying for animals to be incarcerated, fed an unnatural diet and experience suffering and abuse to eat meat and use their skin and fur for accessories that they don't need.
The majority of faux leather is composed of plastic and cotton, and even though plastic is not without its environmental flaws, when compared to the environmental impact of leather tanning, we believe vegan leather manufacturing is the lesser of two evils.

Our consumer-driven throw away” society is causing huge damage to the environment and the animals that live within it. So what's worse: keeping and using some old leather goods until they wear out, or chucking it all away into landfill sites. Novacas shoes is the house brand of popular US-based vegan boutique, MooShoes.
The use of leather and other animal-sourced materials was never a large part of our collection, so moving to vegan was a natural next step for us. Considering the ethical implications and the destruction animal agriculture is doing to the planet and the suffering it causes to animals.
All of the faux leathers used by Bourgeois Boheme are of the highest quality and sourced from the most eco-friendly producers around the world. gentleberg on kickstarter The online retailer has been upping its game in terms of fashion offerings, and it's proving to be a major boon to vegan shoe lovers.

If you want to reduce your environmental impact on a personal level and avoid negatively affecting the planet we all live on, do your part by opting for vegan work shoes. I have been following Trade in House for a few years now, and it's been inspiring to see their collection of vegan shoes and accessories expand.
Good Guys is now a ‘must have' for the fashionista and the ethical shopper alike as her designs quickly became the raddest cruelty-free-vegan shoes around. Do yourself a favour, keep your leather belts, coats, shoes and furniture. Vegans, vegetarians and those concerned with animal rights usually do not wear leather shoes because they believe that it is cruel to wear animal skins.

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