Leather Belt Doesn't Have Enough Holes!

I might like to introduce you to one in every of my all time favorite trend tools… the Leather Hole puncher ! Perhaps you lost or gained some weight; possibly you discovered the right belt at a thrift store, however it's a not the correct size; maybe you need a Hole between two of the already present holes-regardless of the difficulty is, this tutorial will present you how to add good round belt holes. Use a chunk of scrap Leather beneath the belt, so that you just're not hammering the punch right into the anvil. The brand new holes look slightly extra ragged across the edges, however utilizing the belt will help to clean them down.
Use a ruler or measuring tape to find the gap between every Hole, then measure the identical distance previous the last Hole. Use heavy objects to keep the belt taut, or have a good friend pull the belt taut in front of you. Some thick belts could require strong arms, or somebody to wiggle the taut belt forwards and backwards as you squeeze. Use a ruler to measure the spacing between the opening, then measure the same distance past the last Hole.

If you could buy the instruments, making a belt could be a little more money, but once you have the tools to make use of, you may simply make more for a small fraction of the associated fee! You may make the outlet yourself using a Leather Hole punch software or you can take the Leather strap to a shoe restore to allow them to punch the opening for you. Be sure you take the Leather piece that was indifferent (buckle end) with you so the hole is cut in the proper spot.
I used to be trying on the website and it seemed like the three/4″ vast belt is $12.99, the 1.5″ belt clean is $19.ninety nine. I suppose you possibly can lower your expenses by signing up for his or her membership costs, but this still places the belt in at $30, which remains to be a fantastic deal. Tony, A Leather punch offers you a more constant Hole, but when you're solely making one belt, I wouldn't spend the extra cash for the punch.

Work the Leather up and down the hole to try to stretch it out somewhat as it is not going to be the very same dimension as the other holes that were punched initially. Subsequent we have to do away with the excess Leather on the end so we don't seem like we now have a tail hanging out on the entrance of our pants. Once more I marked the place I felt acceptable with a sharpie and just used my household scissors to chop the Leather. Be sure it is trimmed and nice, and then prime-sew it in the identical manner that you just did your belt piece.
Mark out where you want the new Hole, and put the knife at the marker and rotate gently. As soon as, it manages to pierce to the opposite end, start rotating it, whereas concurrently drilling in; until the hole of desired size(or diameter) is punched in. To keep the belt consistant you'll wish to measure out the exsisting holes. In my case they have been an inch appart, so I measured an inch from the final Hole and made a mark with the sharpie. To create the hole take the nail and place it on the mark you made, then take the your scrap piece of wooden to hammer the nail through the belt.
Apply on the very end (that you'll lower off later) to get a really feel for a way the drill and Leather work together. Seems to be just like the Tandy Leather website retailer has gone kaput, the belt clean and belt keep hyperlinks do not work any longer. Tom, Sadly it seems to be like this printed across the same time Tandy did a worth enhance on the belt clean. Tom: $7 balm + $1 keep + $2 buckle + $19 belt blank = $29 - $10 from code = $19. I already have Sno Seal at dwelling and would like to avoid purchasing the Leather Balm if it does the same thing.

Possibly you misplaced or gained some weight; perhaps you discovered the perfect belt at a thrift store, but it surely's a not the right measurement; perhaps you want a Hole between two of the already present holes-regardless of the subject is, this tutorial will present leather punch you methods to add good spherical belt holes. Use a bit of scrap Leather beneath the belt, so that you're not hammering the punch right into the anvil. The brand new holes look slightly extra ragged around the edges, but using the belt will assist to clean them down.
Irrespective of which of the techniques beneath you go for, ninety% of your success shall be decided not by how the hole will get there, but by where you put it within the first place. Or, in the event you're loopy obsessive (I'm), you may make a little bit template with some painters tape. There's not much to it: Mark your spot, and place your belt on some scrap wooden. Option #3: The Leather Hole Punch This designated tool is by far probably the most splendid possibility.

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