Elderly Care Germany

We currently recruit nurses for hospitals in Germany, mainly for the big urban centres such as Munich, Hamburg or Stuttgart. With Triple Win, BA and GIZ offer a comprehensive service package for German employers: from the selection of suitable applicants to the linguistic preparation in the home country and the support of formalities, such as visa applications, to the qualification recognition procedure in Germany and support during integration on site - overall, a lengthy and complex process.
In order to have your documents officially recognized in many cases it is necessary to present or send in the original or authenticated copy of your diploma and Elderly care additional documents such as your college curriculum, letter of good standing, proof of professional experience as a nurse, a recent health certificate, etc.

Qualified applicants should register online at and personally submit the required documents (fastened in a folder) under the heading "German Federal Employment Agency RSF No. 180018" at the Manpower Registry Division, Ground Floor, Blas F. Ople Bldg.
The aforesaid requirements shall further be waived if the foreigner is able to communicate verbally in the German language at a basic level and has not been entitled to participate in an integration course pursuant to Section 44 (3), no. 2 or has not been obliged to participate in an integration course pursuant to Section 44a (2), no. 3. The requirements of sentence 1, nos.

For nurses who do not yet have full professional recognition in Germany, salaries are usually lower and range from 1.700 - 2.200 Euros per month (on a full time basis) as they can only be considered as nurses assistants or elder care giver assistants.
4. the Federal Employment Agency has granted approval in accordance with Section 39 or it has been determined by statutory instrument pursuant to Section 42 (1) no. 1 or by intergovernmental agreement that the Mobile ICT Card may be issued without the approval of the Federal Employment Agency.
These requirements may be waived if the prerequisites qualifying a foreigner for the granting of a residence title are met or if special circumstances relating to the individual case concerned render a subsequent visa application procedure unreasonable.

The permanent settlement permit may be granted or the temporary residence permit extended in the cases covered by sentence 1. If, in cases covered by sentence 1, no. 2, the foreigner is placed on probation or the term of youth custody is suspended, the temporary residence permit shall generally be extended until the end of the probationary period.
A partial recognition of your professional qualifications: If the authority scrutinising your application finds that your level of theoretical and practical skills is not sufficient for your qualifications to be fully recognised, you can opt to take an adaptation course in Germany which will bring your qualifications in line with the requirements.

The Ulmer-Pflege24 was founded in 2004, the year of accession of Poland and nine other Central and Eastern European states to the EU. Focus of the international company is the recruitment of skilled workers and professional groups of health care from Eastern Europe to customers in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.
3. the foreigner's subsistence cannot be assured without claiming benefits in accordance with Book Two or Book Twelve of the Social Code or youth welfare pursuant to Book Eight of the Social Code, unless the foreigner is in education or training which leads to a recognised school or vocational qualification.

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