Canadian Cannabis Clinics

Vancouver-based Premier Health Group (CSE: PHGI, OTCQB: PHGRF) just issued a press release announcing the organization will expand its healthcare offerings by launching a Canadian chain of cannabis clinics in early 2019. So to help answer your questions, we spoke with Bryan Hendin, president of Apollo Applied Research , and Gill Polard, marketing director for the Lift Resource Centres Both Apollo and Lift run medical marijuana clinics with locations across the country.
In addition, through Emblem's joint venture with German pharmaceutical wholesaler Acnos Pharma GmbH, Aleafia expects to access the world's largest medical cannabis market serving more than 82 million people, with access to approximately 20,000 pharmacies, along with access to Australia's burgeoning medical cannabis market upon completion of Aleafia's previously announced transaction with CannaPacific Pty Ltd.

In the back corner are two private rooms enclosed by glass and hidden behind blinds, where the telemedicine conferences take place between the clinic's members and physicians who decide if the patient qualifies for the medical declaration to access marijuana as per Health Canada's Medical Marihuana (sic) for Medical Purposes Regulations (MMPR).
Our MMPR and ACMPR service will have you meet the physician in one of our affiliated clinics or in the total privacy and from the comforts of your own home or office, the only requirement is that you have a computer, tablet or smart phone with SKYPE or FACETIME or VSEE installed.

If the physician writes a prescription for cannabis, the patient will be assigned a cannabis coach” who will help them register as medical users of cannabis and navigate the process of buying the product from one of the 18 Health Canada-licensed producers the clinic works with, Whitehead said.
National and Global Distribution Platform: Aleafia expects to leverage Emblem's approval to supply to the Provinces of Ontario, Saskatchewan, British Columbia and Alberta; Cannabis Clinic national medical distribution through Shoppers Drug Mart; and national retail distribution through Fire & Flower, Starbuds and the emerging OnePlant network.

Verbora said demand for medical marijuana is continuing to grow while copycat” clinics pop up to meet the demand. Taylor Buckley of CannaWay says ordering medical cannabis directly from the clinic gives patients access to certain brands and products that may not be available in recreational stores.

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