Weight loss does not happen overnight, but the good news is that it can help you lose weight without needing you to follow a rigid or balanced diet or exercise routine. As long as you take the supplement at the recommended dose, you will lose weight. Users must take the supplement for at least 90 to 180 days to reap the full benefits of the supplem… Read More

Any employee who feels that their employer has retaliated against them for filing a claim can bring a petition before the Workers’ Compensation Appeals Board of the State of California. The Board has the power to award the injured worker greater compensation, reinstatement to their former position, and lost wages and benefits caused by the employ… Read More

We will work with the employer’s insurance company to understand the policy better, locate the best possible position for you who is covered by the insurance, and handle everything from communication to paperwork. When it comes to filing workers’ compensation claims, you need a knowledgeable and professional attorney on your side. Any situation… Read More

There are no deductibles that need to be met, nor are there any co-pays required with workers’ compensation laws. Your claims administrator will pay all reasonable and necessary medical care for your work injury or illness as long as the medical treatment is deemed necessary by a review process. If you are permanently disabled, you may be able to… Read More

You will need a Phillips screwdriver to remove the motor hood and adjust the reed switch. Unplug the power cord, remove the motor hood and locate the reed switch, which is on the left side of the belt pulley. If the console doesn't have any power, which prohibits you from using any of the controls, the first step is to check that the machine is plu… Read More